Let Black Tooth Capital Be The Guide Towards The Summit of Your Real Estate Journey!

Private Money Funding For Real Estate Investment Transactions

Our Vision for Success

We at Black Tooth Capital want to be your preferred source of private lending, establish a trusted relationship and help the investor to do 4 or more projects within 12 months.

Our 12 Month Plan

We help the investor acquire critical funding for up to 100% of the entire project, propelling the investor to scale their business for more deals. We aim to provide $10M-$50M for local and nationwide opportunities. Additionally, we want to help at least 20 investors reach the 4-deal challenge to obtain 100% financing!

Our Company Niche

As an investor myself, I was getting frustrated looking for funding for my deals, this is why I’m HERE! I’m familiar with the local and statewide real estate market! We Build long term relationships with each of you; we are not just here for transactional deals like banks. We will match or beat any other Private Money Lender on any good deal that fits our criteria, to show you we are committed to being a part of your success!

Our Mission Statement

Establishing and creating long term relationships in order to guide investors to scale their businesses to the summit by offering elite funding programs, unbeatable rates and creating reputational capital. We want to help not only Texans by other investors throughout the nation to create a successful real estate journey!    

Core Values

Bold Tenacious Confident

I recently invested in a property with this company as s private lender! They were fair, easy to work with, and very good at communication so we always knew where we were in the process of the deal. I highly recommend working with them!

John Doe

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